The Power to Attract Creates the Potential for Duality

Do you use your powers of attraction to unite others
Or to separate others
Do you speak negativity of others
Or do you speak gracefully
Do you see yourself
Do you know how you affect others
Which vibration do you choose to be
Do you choose consciously
For those that see
Forgive all that cannot see
For what they do not see
Is what they are
You see their Light
You see their negativity
In duality
Chaos and commotion are at front
Productivity is reduced
The mind is inflated to feel above the moat
The reality
Is that the mind creates more and more negativity
Gathering every weak mind that it can attract
Increasing its strength in numbers
Changing the vibration of others
You must remain neutral
The greatest negativity still seeks the Light
The Light will attract all negativity
The Light will transform any negativity
The Light is your Soul
Your Soul must remain present
Your mind must remain silenced
Your vibration must remain neutral
Soul is always present
You are your Soul’s vibration when you are neutral
In the face of negativity
Remain neutral
Choose neutral words that is the Truth of all
Choose your vibration wisely
If you choose to battle negativity with negativity
Then you are a source of negativity
Then it is a battle between negative vibrations
The greater negativity will win
The only thing that defeats negativity
Is neutrality
If you affect another negatively
Your vibration is negative
If your vibration brings forth the presence of Soul
Your vibration is neutral
May create hostility in the other mind
The negative mind
Then must battle its Soul for control
This is not negativity
The is the transformation process
Remain neutral
Focus on projecting my Light
Forgive all that do not see
Give them the opportunity to be with me
In One moment
All will see
Is born from me
Every Soul
My Light within
Bring your life to neutral
Give the gift of neutrality
Sat Nam
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