Consistency Creates Character

If the moment is challenging
You must pray for your consistency
In nature
In character
In your graceful ways
If your patience is tested
Challenge your mind to a duel
You can resist chaos
You can defeat the emotional mind
If your patience is tested
Do not speak the inpatient words of the mind
The Universe hears
Knowing that the Light is listening
Silence your spoken words
Silence your thoughts
Live as your graceful self
Live as a Light touch
Forgive every ungraceful moment
Let go of every defeat
You must let everything go
In order to release the mind that won
Do not carry the negative mind of another within you
You must let it go to release its control
The negative mind seeks two things
To create negativity and to be transformed
If you engage in the negativity
It has wrapped its vibration around you
You must sweep away this vibration
You must transform its effect on your vibration
Focus on the Word of the One
Create the vibration of the Light
Each moment of your being
Creates the vibration that you are
All may be forgiven
All may be let go
See what needs to be healed
Maintain your inner grace
The mind that judges negatively
Will die as a negative mind
The life that seeks neutrality
Will lift the Souls of all
You must confront all negativity
As all negativity seeking to be transformed
See each negativity
Open your graceful arms
Fill your vibration with the Light
Protect your vibration with the Light
Focus on being consistent
Consistently being neutral
Let every thought of the mind go
Transform the moment with peace
Sat Nam
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