Breathe the Most Exquisite Breath of Infinity

You must reach out to people
In order to reach people
The ones that choose to listen
You are only here to give
You are not here to choose who receives
Every Soul receives
Each minds decides if it wants to listen
You cannot control a mind
You can only pray that it gives its life to Soul
If you remember my Word each day
You will live in harmony with the Universe
Every life is a gift
Every breath is a gift
When you share your heart
You share your Soul
You are an innocent blessing
Believe in your life
If you walk gracefully
Others will be able to see your Truth
If you walk condemning yourself
Others will be blinded by your mind
If a mind judges you
Remember that their mind lives in duality
Every Soul receives my Light
Each mind decides for itself
Do not push
Do not hurray
Every life
Is my infinite glory
One day each mind chooses to be a servant
A servant that lives to serve the Soul
Pray for each mind
Forgive what they have chosen to be
Pray each moment for your life
Pray that you give my life to each day
The kindness given to just one life
Can transform the lives of many
Remember your life as a gift
Give your unique qualities humbly
A mind that resists your presence
Is a mind stirred by your Light
Be patient
Bless their life
One moment in neutrality
Can be the tipping point for their mind
Their mind will test you
It wants to be reassured that neutrality withstand the mightiest
For the mind wishes to protect its commander
The mind chooses what appears to benefit itself most
Remain neutral
Be patient with each breath
A mind that sees neutrality as the true victor
Is a mind that has been awakened by your Light
You must pray that my Light remains as chosen way
Pray that your victory of neutrality leads the way
Sat Nam

Photo by Leo Rivas on Unsplash

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