Spoken Word

Ek Ong Kar

The Creator and the Creation are One

All Voices Are One

Hear the One in Every Sound

Share Your Voice

Create Your Sound

If you have heard your heart sing while reading one of the Daily Listenings, please submit your voice recording of the reading. Email videos to Simee@TheNightsLight.com. Be creative. Personalize it to match your love.

Peter Jarvis ~ Spoken Word
Daily Listening 12/09/2020 ~ Be Grateful for Every Smile that You Create
Donna Lish ~ Spoken Word
Daily Listening 01/10/2021 ~ Begin Every Word Spoken with Love to Find Your Way
Danielle S. Ely ~ Spoken Word ~ Daily Listening 01/28/2021 ~ The Universe Begins with You
Diogo Bastos ~ Spoken Word ~ Daily Listening 02/15/2021 ~ Build Your Life As All Life