Neutrality Can Free You from What is No Longer Needed

You must be on your true path
To feel free
When change is calling you
Accept gratefully
Silence the mind
Live as the Universe guides you
Your personality is created by the mind
The mind will resist letting go of any aspect of it
If your project is neutral
Your mind is silenced
Your personality does not exist in neutrality
You are One with all
Letting go of behaviors learned in childhood
Are the most difficult tasks in adulthood
The aspects of you that you cherish the most
Are they neutral
How do they affect the other life
What vibration does your personality project
Letting go of what is no longer needed
Is not giving up
You must face you self
You must accept what your vibration is
If it is not neutral
Choose to let go of what is no longer needed
If you are given the opportunity to be lifted from your mind’s identity
Be grateful
Your mind will always feel tested
When you allow the mind to lead
When Soul is leading
Your mind is silent
Duality is a state of the mind
The Soul is living in the flow of the Universe
All that is
Is One Soul
If you live as One
You will be One vibration
Projected from all
Projected to all
One pure vibration of the Light
One vibration that is the gift of life
Letting go of negative behaviors learned from others
Is not letting go of your innocence
In silence
You can listen
In silence
You can receive
In silence
You can give endlessly
Pray that you can silence your mind
Pray that you can be the one that chooses to let go
What is no longer needed
Is what takes you far
Letting go
Will unite you with all
Sat Nam

Photo by DANIEL BECERRA on Unsplash

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