Present Your Strengths in Each Moment

Live your life
As your personal best
Give the effort
To every moment
End the cycle of the mind
Give your life what you need
Silence the moment
Present your strength
Transform the moment
With your love’s best
Create the moment
With the Truth of all
Present your Truth
Present your love
Silence the mind
Silence every negativity
The past
Does not exist
The future
Does not exist
The moment is now
Your entire existence is now
In the present
In an instant
Did you live each moment
Or did you allow each moment to past
Living in the past
Is not living at all
Living for the future
Is not living at all
The games of the mind
Control your life
Until one day
Nothing is left
Your life tormented
Your Truth ignored
Every choice
Gone to the nonliving
Choose to live
As your Soul’s presence
Your heart’s longing
The song of your Soul
Your Truth
Is the present
Your Truth
Fulfills each moment
Your Truth
Heals each moment
Your Truth
Transforms each moment
Give each life neutrality
Smile with the present moment
Uplift others with opportunities
Opportunities to be their Truth
In love
In silence
All are alive
But are all living
Each moment
Give the opportunity of true living
Alive and awakened
Living as One life
Living for each other
Giving each other neutrality
Be the Teacher in each moment
Remember to lead with neutrality in each moment
Be the Student in each moment
Remember to learn from neutrality in each moment
Your life is a gift
Present what you are
Every life is a gift
Receive each life as what it is
Love for all
Peace for all
Project the vibration of neutrality
Receive the vibration of infinity
Sat Nam

Photo by Kane Reinholdtsen on Unsplash

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