Give Your Life Energy by Following Your Heart’s Dream

Trying to get ahead
Will never be reached
Once you reach what you started for
Your mind will begin to reach for more
Stop the cycle of wanting more
Live with everything now
Live in a state of having everything
Live to give everything now
Your heart longs for so much more
Then achieving the mind’s never-ending needs
You will never be satisfied
Until you follow your Soul’s path
The longer you wait
The less energy you will have
The mind feels heavier and heavier
Your dreams seem further and further away
You have more
Yet you feel that you have less
Your mind will never be satisfied
When you allow your mind to beg for more
This is the game of money
See how most minds are mindlessly playing this game
Once the mind has purchased what it wants
The mind wants more and more
If you live to give your life your Truth
You will never long for more
You have everything in the moment
Your life is filled with experiences that Soul gives you
You never long for anything
You live having everything
That makes you feel fulfilled
That makes you feel grateful
That makes you represent your Truth
That makes you feel humble
By receiving the gift of life with each breath
Gratefully receiving
What has been gifted to you
Life is a gift
Every life is a gift
Honor your life
Honor all life
Live to serve your life your Truth
Live to serve every life your Truth
The Truth of One
Is the Truth of All
If you live to serve your Truth
You live to serve All
Feel the Light embracing you
Let every game of the mind go
Live as your dream
Live as your destiny
Knowing your Soul’s presence
This is the only presence
You long to be for all
Know you are free
Free to live
Exactly as you wish to be
As your life’s dream
As your Soul’s Light
Sat Nam

Photo by Noah Silliman on Unsplash

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