The Wisdom of the Universe Creates Peace Within

The Teacher
Teaches to educate on neutrality
The mind
Teaches to sensationalize the moment
You need to be consciously aware
In order to see the difference
If you are teaching with opinions
You are instigating an emotional response
If you are teaching with an emotional voice
You are trigging the attention of the mind
If the mind has been brought to attention
The mind will prepare to defend
If the mind hears words of neutrality with a voice of hostility
The mind will react to the hostility
Duality will be created
The mind will choose to defend
You can try to hold on to the neutral message
The mind will remember the hostility within the words
An animal only acts with hostility when it is defending its life
The mind hears the hostility and reacts accordingly
A neutral mind
Has a neutral voice
If you want the mind’s attention
You must wait patiently
The Soul
Is always present
The mind
Wanders until it finds its place
If a mind has not chosen to listen to the Teachings of neutrality
Move on
Neutrality leaves a path of Light
Continue to create the Light
Each mind will find the path of the Light
Pray that the mind chooses to step onto this path
One moment on the path of the Light
Will transform the mind
One small moment of transformation
Continues in infinite ways
Believe in your daily neutrality
Believe in your heart’s dreams
Your heart leads you to where you are going
Follow joyfully
Live this day
Receive this day
The breath of life has been delivered to you
Represent the gift of life neutrally
Sat Nam

Photo by Rudolf-Peter Bakker on Unsplash

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