One Drop of Joy Turns into a Waterfall of Love


As my love

Be everything

To me

Be my life

Be my love

Be my student

As you learn to love

Be my teacher

As you guide me through

From within every Soul

Guide me to consciousness


As you are

Silence your mind

Empty all of your thoughts

Forget every memory

Remember everything that I am

Remember each moment

That I give to you

Let go

Of all that is not Light

My life

Is born in every life


Is learned from the mind

What is negative

Without the Light

Contrast is known

Focus on the Light

For what you are

Is my guiding star

What you speak

Is your life


Speaking as I do


As I do


As I do

A humble student

A noble teacher


Guiding the other

Live as One

With every life

Be my strength

Remain neutral

The moment is now

For you to be

As you were born

As I created you

A gift

A moment with me

My love

Living as One

With all life

With each moment

A single drop

That unites the entire ocean

A single drop

Choosing to join a waterfall


That you will create joy


That you will remain neutral

One step

Creates oneness


Each moment with me


Your life with all

Sat Nam

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