When the Mind Creates Fear the Entire Energy Flow Slows

Let go of each string
Feel yourself returning to step one
Let go of every string
Feel your life moving freely
Extreme highs and lows
Are illusions of the mind
The greatest thing
The worst thing
Choose your focus
Continue with each step
Complete each step confidently
Complete each moment
Before you attempt to begin the next
Living in the future
Is an opportunity to create fear
Living in the past
Is living in fear and regrets
Even the most exquisite songbird
Can end up in a cage
A self-created cage
A limited version of the true self
If self-limiting behavior has infected you
Cure it
Let go of it
Walk away from it
It is a state of mind
Only you can free yourself from it
No one can change your mind
Only you can command it
If you feel that your mind cannot be tamed
Then you are listening to your mind
If you take the time to train your mind
Your mind will be trained
If you take the time to educate your mind
Your mind will be educated
If you take the time to live in my Light
You will live life in my Light
Your decisions
Create your life
If you want to be within a community of Light
You must choose to live in a community of Light
If you want to chase after dreams of the future
Chase after them
It is your choice
What you choose is your life
Live as your Light
Let go of your fear
You can live in my Light
You can Teach of my Light
Choose your focus
Live as you choose to live
If you want to Teach
Teach where you are
As you are
As your Light guides you
Living in each moment
Is living as your Soul
You hear each message from Soul
You silence each thought of the mind
You live
As your heart leads you
You walk
As your Soul places each step
As One with my life
You will always be in love
In love
With all that live
As all that live
Are my love
Sat Nam

Photo by Renzo D’souza on Unsplash

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