Care for Your Heart’s Song First

Go to your flow
See the deepest aspects
Rise to the surface
See what is given precedence
In the moment of consciousness
Choose what is
Along the surface
Attachments build blocks
The mind builds a barrier
Keeping your love safe from harm
At the core of your being
Your Truth resides
This is your love
This is your Light
Negative experiences
Attach to the negative mind
Memories are stored
Relived to prevent future arm
The negative mind collects and collects
Until there is no space for harm
Enclosed in
Surrounded by false treasures
The immediate future
Is no living future
An entire life
Trapped in the mind’s attachments
Mindless routines
Attached to daily living
New experiences
Left behind for mindless living
The mind stays busy
Organizing and reusing the past
Clear the clutter
Begin your life again
Let go of each moment
Live each moment to see again
Where are you
Where does your heart long to be
In order to be consciously living
You must live in the state of everything
And nothing
United with all life
One life living for all
Focused on neutrality
The breath delivers every moment
Every precious moment
A gift for you to receive
In order to receive
You must be willing to see
Your life
Your love
Your Light
Clear your daily path
See your Truth appear
Sat Nam

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

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