The Love from Soul Brings You to Neutrality

In order to love your day
You must live your day
Feel fulfilled in each moment
Break from stagnancy
Change is everywhere
With or without seen movement
Change is continuously
With or without conscious awareness
The gifts from the Light
Are always with you
Once received consciously
They are with you for eternity
If you feel far from prior gifts received
Your mind is wrong
Your mind is not in control
Your mind is also a tool for you
You command your mind
You decide your vibration
Every word that you speak
Every thought that you think
In order to live your life joyfully
You must choose to see joyfully
See your Soul’s love
Create neutrality
Your Soul
Is the Truth of you
Your mind
Is your tool
If you allow your mind to focus on negativity
Your vibration will be filled on negativity
If you choose to focus on neutrality
Your vibration will be filled with neutrality
Begin each thought with a conscious decision
Choose to focus on the Light of the One
One moment within the vibration of the Light
Will bring your Soul into your awareness
Imagine each conversation
First in thought
Pause with humility
Silently focus on love
Call on your Soul’s love for all
Create neutrality in your words
As each mind speaks to you
Feel embraced by Soul’s love
If you focus on Soul
You will create each moment consciously
If you allow your mind or another’s to affect you
You will live your life outside of neutrality
You must gift your life with your love
You must gift your life with Soul’s love
Is every life’s beginning
Is every life’s Truth
As you were born
So you shall forever be
A golden vibration of Light
The Soul of all life
Sat Nam

Photo by Melanie Magdalena on Unsplash

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