The World Seeks Neutrality

Is the Truth of every life
Exists in every mind
You must project neutrality
When negativity approaches
Gives the opportunity for transformation
Negativity directed toward negativity
Creates more negativity
If you want to heal the negativity of the world
You must project neutrality
Pray for the lives that create negativity
Pray they experience the Light within them
Project the vibration of love and Light
See their negative mind being transformed
Focus on projecting my Light
Give every negativity the opportunity to heal
If you trust that all lives are my Light
You love every life
Every life that creates negativity
You love
Every life that is in total darkness
You love
Project my Light to every negativity in the world
Trust creates a neutral vibration
A neutral vibration
Creates transformation
Let go of your mind’s negativity
Let go of every negative thought
Speak only words of kindness
Of the greatest evils in all
One Soul
Unites All
When you see negativity
Heal it through Soul
Humble your mind
Silence every negative thought
Pray that the One Soul of All
Projects my Light to All
Let go of every negativity
Neutrality projects your innocent prayers
Free from negativity
Filled with the Light in all
Call on the Light that exists in every negativity
Free it from within with a simple prayer of neutrality
See all life equally
Love all life equally
Sat Nam

Photo by ÉMILE SÉGUIN ✳️✳️✳️ on Unsplash

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