Call on the Beauty of Every Soul

Stir the trees
Call on my way
Sing my song
Create the breeze
Carry my love
To all that live
My world is here
Now is the time to live it
A moment
To breathe
A moment
To receive
Open your heart
Focus on my love
Ground your feet
Receive my Earth
Cool your mind
Become still within
Every part of mother earth
A drop of love
Feel your connection
To my earth that is
A moment
To receive
A moment
To live with me
Give your hands
Open them to receive
Ignite your radiance
As you dwell with me
Strengthen your resilience
Reflect my Light
Your focus
Is your projection
A moment
To receive
A moment
To illuminate every cell of life
Become One with my oceans
Create comfort in the unknown
My waters
Infinity reaching all
Every form
All directions
A moment
To receive
A moment
To create Oneness with me
Sat Nam


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