Your Spiritual Practice Lights Your Path

Your spiritual practice
Guides your life
Your spiritual practice
Is your heart’s song
Listen to your Soul
Give your life meaning
If you allow another
To take you away from your spiritual practice
You have chosen fear
Fear of another mind’s opinion
You have been defeated
You have chosen to hide your identity
If you have been defeated
Choose to be your Truth
Each moment is a new moment
Choose to be your Truth now
In this moment
Be your Truth
Forgive yourself
Forgive all that have judged you
Forgive all that have reacted to you
If you live neutrally
You will live presently
You cannot change the past
You can only hold on to the past
Clear yourself of what you do not want
Clear your mind of all negative thoughts
When you are not satisfied
You project negativity to everyone
If you are neutral
You project neutrality
If you are undecided
You are living in duality
You are following your mind
You hear your Soul
Yet you resist following
You know that you are not following your path
You know you are choosing your mind’s choice
Control over security
Living in fear of the future
An unconscious mind
Will always choose fear
An unconscious mind
Will always seek to control another
The mind that is skilled at controlling another
Is a dangerous mind
A neutral mind
Does not seek for anything
A neutral mind
Lives in a neutral state
Speaking neutrally
Projecting neutrally
In every moment
Pray that you remain neutral
The power of another
Summons the mind’s negativity
Overcome this negativity
With your prayers
For peace within yourself
That you focus on your spiritual life
Give your life neutrality today
Sat Nam
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