The Greatest Battle in Life is to Overcome the Mind

No mind
Is perfectly correct
Only the voice of the Light
Is to be followed
You must realize in every moment
That most of what you hear is the mind
You must learn to silence it
You must have the ability to escape it
If you feel that you need peace
Fight for it
When you feel overwhelmed
Remember to ask why
Why do you feel overwhelmed
Because you listening to the mind
Your mind
Other minds
You have stopped listening to the Light
And you have allowed your mind to take control
You hear the complaints of your mind
You hear the complaints of other minds
You feel everything
You want to run from everyone
You are ungrounded
You are lost into the mind’s negativity
You must remember
You must return to listening
When you are near minds that have taken control
Focus on listening
Shield yourself
Listen to the vibration of the Light
Open your heart
See each Soul
Silence your mind
Remain grounded
In the moment that you feel lost
Lost within the mind
It is only a game of the mind
That you have already won
You recognize the falsities of the mind
You recognize the Truth of the Light
Shield yourself
Project your confidence
Your life
Is neutral
Your life
Is grounded
Every battle of the mind
You have already won
You see each one
You pray to be with One
Live your life victoriously
Pray for joy in this world
Sat Nam
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