Love is the Path of All Hearts

You must live
With my Word in your mind
Listen to my Word
Before you speak each word
Listen to my Word
Before you think each thought
Return this world
To my neutral heart
Every moment
Radiate my love
The most difficult challenge
The most tedious task
Remain my Light
When surrounded by the night
When you are judged
Project my Light
Call on my strength
Remain neutral
Every moment
Transform with my love
Silence your words
Focus on my Word
Call on me
Shout my name
Run to my path
Rest in my arms
Before you speak
Be with me awhile
My heart
My love
Fills every heart
My love
Is the path of every heart
Share my love
With every mind’s word
Stir my Truth
That lives in every heart
See each mind
Hiding the Truth of each
You are here to breathe
Each breath
Receive consciously
Use my love
As a perfect arrow
Each mind
Is the target
Each heart
Is already united
Remember my Word
As One we are
As One we shall every be
Release All
From the night of the mind
My love
Every thought
Every word
Project my love
Create peace in each moment
Sat Nam

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