Commit Your Life to Living as My Simple Truth

My Truth
Is experienced
My Truth
Is known
My Word
Penetrates the darkest moment
My Word
Lights the entire world
My life
Creates Trust
My love
Creates joy
Everything I am
Creates every life
As you are with me
So you will be
Resting in stillness
Giving life to me
A moment in time
A drop of my love
Every moment
Fill with my love
Every falsity
Forgive with my love
Every thought
Expand with my love
Breathe with me
Allow your mind to be at peace
Be in my presence
Give me everything
Allow your mind to expand
In my stillness
Live every breath
Every moment with me
Is limitless
Every moment
Requires my grace
Every moment
Requires patience
Be still
Be with my breath
Relax your mind
Let go and forgive
All that do not give
All that do not receive
My love
Give endlessly
Your patience
Your grace
My love
Every experience
Remain neutral
Bring me closer
To what needs to be healed
Every action
Every word
Remember my Word
Present my life first
Allow your heart to sing
The world is calling
Now you are living with me
On your strength
Believe in your life
Your life as my path
Sat Nam

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