Be in Love with the One Breath that Gives Life to All

To live
To share
To be
Live today
Share yourself
With the world
And you will see
Everything you are
Is beautiful to me
Live as you are
Everything you want to give
Begin to give
Everything you want to see
See with me
The world is ready
To receive
Every thought
Set your intention
To care for yourself
Set your intention
To give to others
Get up
Live this moment
The world is calling
Do you want to receive
To give
In order to finish
You must begin
What you are to be
What you already are
Travel the world
To give to me
Travel the day
To live with me
Within this moment
Now you see
Everything with me
Allowing the world to know
You are here to be
Walk today
Walk every step with me
Life as I live
Is for all to see
The world is filled
Empty the world now
Begin a new way
Emptying all
Challenging each thought
Emptying each mind
Filling each heart
Preparing each for a new life
Consistently give
Gracefully transition
Your Trust
Will carry All
Your love for me
Will fill every heart
Your sight
Will see for all
Begin your life now
Your life as you were born
Let go of all
Be with all
Be nothing
So that you can be all
My message is clear
Run to my breath
Fill your self with my love
Bless this day with life
Every day
Be as you are
My day is now
Now live it
Your day
Your life
My life
Is Always present
Choose to be present
With me
Living with me
Living to walk with me
My love
You are my love for all
I will lead
Live as your Trust
Sat Nam


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