Live Lightly in All Forms

What you put into your life
Is what you project
Projects fear
Projects Light
If you do not want to be a part of something
Leave it
If you want to be a part of something
Go to it
You may love the Teachings
Yet not enjoy the human distortions of the Teachings
Simply follow the Teachings
Walk away from the human distortions
Do not engage with the minds that cause the distortions
Continue your practice with purity
Follow your path
Live as your life
The One that creates everything
Is the One you are to follow
If you believe in your Truth
You will be free and Light
Everything that happened
Is not everything that will happen
If you do not settle down and create your path’s vibration
You will sight of your path
Focus on your vibration
Become One with your Truth’s path
You must let go of the attachments to the past
In order to be free in the present
The Truth will guide you to your Truth
You must focus on trusting and letting go
Your birth committed to change
You must follow the command of One
What changes
Will change again
Nothing is forever
Except the Light of the One
Your life is most difficult
When you know it is time to move on
Resistance to change
Causes the greatest waves
Resistance to change
Causes the most inner turmoil
Simply leave your life to the One
Do not miss opportunities that are given to you
A life lived with neutrality
Is a life lived with grace
What do you wish to live as
Where do you wish to go
What is the life you are given
Where is the life leading you to go
Live as the One guides you to live
Live as the Light of the One
Sat Nam

Photo by Joseph Barrientos on Unsplash

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